Home Seller’s Guide

When you decide to sell your home, you don’t just want a listing agent; you want a marketing specialist with a plan.

When I market your house, I make sure your home is advertised in the best fashion to the highest number of buyers possible. My job is to get you the most for your home in the least amount of time, with the least amount of inconvenience to you.


  • Realtor® specialized in residential real estate marketing, buyer representation, and military family relocation.
  • US Navy, including 2 Years as an instructor
  • Software Developer for Lockheed Martin
  • Computer Sales and Repair


  • Hampton Roads Realtors Association
  • Virginia Association of Realtors
  • National Association of Realtors


  • Alpha College of Real Estate
  • Virginia Tech, B.S. Computer Science

Working With Jay Jenkins

Realtor_BlueEthical Standards:

  • Honest fact based pricing analysis. I won’t just tell you what you want to hear.
  • I show you how I do all my market analysis, I show you the numbers I used and why. There is no ‘Just trust me’ in my system.

Exposing Your Home to Buyers:

  • I create a Multi-media Marketing Plan designed around professional photos to maximize your home’s exposure 24 hours a day.
  • I create a HD Visual Tour with a voice over highlighting features of your home and distributed online to all major real estate websites.
  • Social Media advertising with targeted audience.

Informative information and communication:

  • I provide you regular updates on showings, internet traffic views of you home and visual tour views to keep you informed on traffic and how many buyers are looking at your house.
  • I stay in contact with you through the whole process, from the first week of listing till the closing table. You will never be in the dark on what is happening or what the next step is.

It’s Personal…

Today’s marketplace demands an agent with a full working knowledge of financial and market conditions and changes, tough negotiating skills and professional marketing knowledge.

My Commitment…

  • I am an experienced listener, your needs and concerns are my priority.
  • I am dedicated and enthusiastic, getting results is what counts.
  • I am always available by phone, text, or email. When you need me, I am here for you.
  • I believe in consistency and open communication throughout the entire process, and I handle all the details to make the sale of your house smooth and stress free.

Sold Sign

We Have The Same Goal…

To sell your home!

               At the highest possible price

                              In the shortest period of time

                                             With the most favorable terms


Professional Marketing = Your Home Sold!

 Compare My Marketing Services to Other Agents

Can the other agents you interview say yes to all of these?

Where Will Your Home Buyer Come From?

Home buyers were asked where they learned about the home they purchased.

Where you buyers come from

*Information courtesy of NAR’s 2011: Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers” and Borrell Associates

I get buyers excited about your home!

My marketing is designed to show buyers what makes your home special.

  • What would you tell a potential buyer makes your home a special place to live?
  • Why did you decide to buy this home yourself? Was it the schools, location, etc.?
  • What are the things your family has enjoyed the most about the neighborhood?
  • What features of your home might a buyer overlook if they saw the home quickly?
  • Why will it be hard to leave your home?

My Targeting Marketing Plan

Getting a property sold isn’t just a matter of putting up a sign and waiting for someone to make an offer. It takes hard work, and having a plan. The following represents an overview of my marketing plan which I will tailor to get your property sold.


I look forward to presenting your Specific Targeted Marketing Plan designed for your property. This outline will be the blueprint for success in exposing your house to as many qualified buyers as possible.



A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

You need a buyer’s first impression to be a good one.

Compare the photos from my sold listings.

Front of Home

I do professional post processing on my photos.  I Make Your Home Stand out!

FamilyRm (3)

I use a professional D-SLR with a wide angle lens to capture the space.

Live (2)


I Deliver a Total Internet Package




Over 400,000 visits per month! These are users actively looking for homes in Hampton Roads. Over 1.5 million property listing detail page views per month


A Million People See Our Ads Every Week!

snapshot-5-811644 copy

We are the #1 Advertiser in Hampton Roads!

Free Home Warranty….Peace of Mind


Home Warranty Coverage for Your Home, FREE!!

1st American

  • You are automatically covered until I sell your home
  • You only pay for coverage if you have to use it
  • Can be used to cover issues found during home inspection

Military FamilyMoving out of the Hampton Roads area?

I have free benefits for you.

If you are moving across the state or across the country, let me help you with your move

I can connect you with a hand-picked, screened, selected agent through our network of real estate companies to start working with you now.

Don’t wait until you’re moving to start house hunting, start looking for your new home now.



Nationwide Exposure 24/7

We outsell every franchise by over $20 billion in sales every year!

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®, we have a real estate professional ready to help you find your ideal home throughout our continent and to points around the globe. whether it’s a country house, a property in a resort location, or an in-town apartment, we can help you find the perfect property when you work with the best names in real estate — Leading Real Estate Companies of the world.®

Real estate is still a local business — our network is comprised of the very best locally and regionally branded real estate professionals in the United States. With a local focus and a national/global view, our associates will ensure the best personal attention with the finest access to quality real estate connections.


Professional Marketing = Your Home Sold!

What’s Your Home Worth?”

BullsEyeOn average, buyers see 12 homes before making a decision. That means 11 are competing against yours. Our Goal is to select a price that generates offers, by finding market acceptance.

This is determined more by where the competing homes are priced and not just appraised value.

This is why I do a Total Market Overview, where I shop for you home from a buyer’s point of view so see how it competes.

Price and competing homes are key buyer motivators! BuyerPyrimid

  • Buyers look in the price range determined by what they can afford.
  • A buyer who is seriously looking will quickly become knowledgeable about what to expect in their price range. An unreasonable asking price only discourages the buyer from looking at your property.
  • If you plan to adjust your price at the time of sale, it is better to list at that price. This will attract more buyers from the beginning. This can lead to multiple offers; this is the best position for you.
  • Buyers tend to make very low offers on properties they feel are overpriced.
  • You will not get more for a property just by asking for more. You usually get less because fewer buyers will consider it when it is placed on the market.
  • Homes that sit on the market for a long time receive lower offers. Buyers feel the seller is ‘desperate’.
  • Receiving offers quickly does not mean you priced to low, but shows that you priced correctly. Statistically this leads to the highest offers.


You Can Relax…

I Guide You Through the Process

Presentation of Offers

When I generate an offer on your home, you will receive the following:Road

  1. All Offers will be presented to you and explained.
  2. I will speak with the other agent to gather as much intel as I can about their flexibility and how much they want the house.
  3. I’ll explain of all the terms of the contract so that you thoroughly understand what the buyer is offering and what they are asking for.
  4. Expert advice on the strength of the offer and the fairness of the terms.
  5. Current market and mortgage activity.
  6. A full net sheet showing your bottom line if you accept the offer.
  7. The current competition to your home.
  8. Any comments from the other agent related to the offer.

Negotiating the Sale

I have experience negotiating many types of contracts:

  1. I will always explain the risks and reward of all actions in a negotiation.
  2. You will know how every offer affects your bottom line.
  3. I am tough but reasonable, and work for a deal that is the best for you.
  4. You will be kept informed every step of the way.

snapshot-7-e2b35e copy

My pledge of service…

In order to..

In order to prepare you and your property for the saleI will…

  • Determine the most likely selling price based on current market values.
  • Discuss selling points and possible repairs to enhance the value of your home.
  • Explain your showing options.
  • Estimate your selling costs.
  • Place you in personal contact with relocation affiliates anywhere in the U.S. or the world if needed.

In order to attract buyers for your property I will…

  • Communicate your listing to all 600+ Rose and Womble sales associates.
  • Provide a detailed listing sheet to prospective buyers and agents.
  • Ensure complete exposure through the Real Estate Information Network (REIN).
  • Place Rose and Womble Realty “For Sale” sign on your property with QR code mobile access and txt for information numbers.
  • Actively market you home with the MLS, all major internet real estate resources and social media.

In order to close the sale with potential buyersI will…

  • Talk to their lender to verify qualified buyers.
  • Present and thoroughly explain all written offers.
  • Negotiate the transaction.
  • Finalize the sale contract.

In order to ensure the closing happens on schedule I will…

  • Follow up on buyer’s financing.
  • Track the title search process.
  • Inform you as all steps of the process are completed.
  • See that all the contingencies in the sales contract are met.
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My Military Cash Back Program

Anyone active duty or prior military is eligible for my program.


15% Cash Back at Closing up to $10,000*

$500 Discount of the Origination Fee through Advance Financial Group

$50 Discount on Settlement Services with Advance Title & Abstract




*Cash rebate deducted from purchase and/or sale side of the commission of any closed transaction through Rose and Womble Realty Company, LLC. Mortgage origination fee discount provided through Advanced Financial Group and not to be used with any other Advanced Financial Group incentive or promotional program. Settlement discount through Advance Title and Abstract only. Discount is shown on line 1101 of HUD-1. Buyers or Sellers in a short sale transaction may not be eligible due to 3rd party approval restrictions.